Katy Perry Works Out In Disguise

Katy Perry Works Out In Disguise

Pop singer Katy Perry has revealed that she spends her workout time on her tour by getting on her bicycle in disguise and passing out free tickets to her concerts. She’s a fanatic for fitness and says that it’s hard to work out while on tour. So, she gets her exercise by riding around the cities where she’s touring and surprises fans with free concert tickets.

In a new interview, she said, “Constantly traveling can make it hard to exercise, but my favorite workout to do on tour is to ride around the town or city I’m visiting on my bike. I love to explore a new city in disguise and hand out tickets to my show.”

She added, “I try to exercise three to four times a week and, on days when I’m not working, I do a really fun activity, like hiking. I also love soul cycling, which is a spin class with high energy coaching and fun, upbeat music.”

It sounds like she really really does love her fans. Be on the look out for Katy in disguise if she’s playing your city and you could end up with free tickets to see her sing live!

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