Kelly Preston wants to do Dancing With The Stars?

Kelly Preston wants to do Dancing With The Stars?

Now that her friend Kirstie Alley is kicking butt on Dancing With The Stars, Kelly Preston might just want to join in on the fun!

Reportedly, Kelly wants to follow in Kirstie’s footsteps by appearing on the popular dance competition. A source said, “Kelly has auditioned and she is a shoe-in. If she wants on the show, there’s a good chance it could happen.”

She would have to be better than Kendra, right? I mean, it’s possible a dead person could out-dance her, so Kelly’s chances are good.

She has also taken over Kirstie’s Twitter account on Monday nights in order to garner votes for her friend. Her husband John Travolta also appeared on the show as the “Dance Doctor”, so it’s likely that she wants to have some fun with it, as well.

What do you think of Kelly on the show? Would you watch?

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