Kendall Jenner’s Runway Photo Deleted From Instagram

Kendall Jenner's Runway Photo Deleted From Instagram

In case you’ve missed it, Kendall Jenner walked the runway at the Marc Jacobs show during New York Fashion Week. She wore a sheer blouse without a bra underneath, leaving little to the imagination. If you’ve missed the pictures, you can check out a photo and video here. It made headlines because of how old she is (18) and who she is, but not so much for the fashion aspect. It’s Marc Jacobs, though, and he’ll take the exposure wherever and whenever he can get it.

It appears that Instagram didn’t see it that way — because the company deleted her nipple photo right off of their site. Not that you could really blame them, they are a classy establishment like we are.

Kim Kardashian shared the photo on the social networking service, but complained about its subsequent removal. She tweeted, “Ughhhh can Instagram just delete your photos? Maybe @KendallJenner was too hot for instagram!!!”

Afterward, Kendall shared the above photo with her many followers on Instagram with the caption, “P.I.M.P. coat! shooting yesterday with @voguemagazine”.

Vogue magazine added, “Slouchy luxury, as only @TheRow can do, on @KendallJenner for #vogueinstafashion”.

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