Kendra Wilkinson Done With Marriage To Hank Baskett

Kendra Wilkinson Done With Marriage To Hank Baskett

Kendra Wilkinson is said to be done with her marriage to Hank Baskett, if the latest gossip is to be believed. Kendra and Hank have been going through quite the ordeal when a transgendered model revealed recently that she had an extramarital affair with the football player. All of that was said to have gone on while the reality star was pregnant with the couple’s second child, their daughter Alijah.

Now, it appears that Kendra is no longer interested in working things out with Hank. A source said, “Hank and Kendra are on speaking terms, but she’s still so mortified by the situation. [The cheating] happened before, but she’s done [with the marriage]. It’s more about the kids and the finances now. She’s an optimistic person and wants people to know she’s doing better.”

All of the couple’s dirty laundry is set to air on her reality show, but Kendra is said to be super unhappy about that. The source said, “They’re contractually obligated and are in the middle of filming. But she doesn’t want people talking about it for the rest of her life. She just wants to move forward.”

We can’t say that we would really blame her for wanting to move on from the situation. It’s sad if the rumors of his cheating are true. It’s even worse of a situation when people just won’t let it die — even months after the fact.

When we first heard the news of Hank’s alleged affair, we figured that these two were following in the footsteps of Tori Spelling and her husband Dean McDermott. We didn’t believe their cheating scandal, either, and it all seemed so manufactured in order to keep their lives interesting enough for reality television. If true, then they either need to part ways for good or figure out a way of moving forward together. From the quotes, it sounds as if Kendra is really done with everything involving Hank. Who could really blame her?

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