Kendra Wilkinson Has No Talent

Kendra Wilkinson Has No Talent

Not that this is really news or anything, but Kendra Wilkinson admits that she has no talent. Ha.

Kendra said that she believes she has no talent and says that she worries about her reality show being picked up each season. In a new interview, she said, “I never ever see myself as a celebrity or famous so I poke fun at that. I just say what I do. I have no talent. I have nothing to offer.”

She went on to say, “I live my life on TV – it’s like a home video, I’m very aware of what I do and I’m very aware of how quickly my career could end.”

She continued, “Every season I cross my fingers and hope the show gets picked up but it’s out of my hands and in my fans’ hands.”

She also believes that Hank has a career ahead of him as a television host. She added, “He is going to become a big time host, he is so good at hosting. You have got to watch out for him!”

I think I can appreciate hearing her honest opinion about her lack of talent — as opposed to anyone with the last name Kardashian who tries to lie about it. What about you?

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