Kevin Federline Hospitalized Over Chest Pains

Britney Spears’ ex-husband, Kevin Federline has tried to lose the weight for so long and then he’s rumored to put it back on so that he can compete in any number of reality TV shows. So it’s really no surprise to us that the 33-year-old former backup dancer was hospitalized in Australia!

He is currently in Australia filming a TV show called Excess Baggage, so you can really fathom a guess about the show’s premise. Reportedly, K-Fed’s heart was showing signs of distress, and thus, he was taken to the hospital for observation. He was having chest pains during a challenge with an Australian football team. He was doing running, along with the standard warm-ups. He reportedly had a “roaring pulse” and was exhibiting signs of a minor cardiac arrest.

He was taken to Mt. Druitt Hospital where he was kept overnight. He was seen earlier in the day, hanging out in his car wearing an oxygen mask.

Reports that he suffered a heart attack are said to be false. So don’t believe the hype!

Photo Credit: Sam Sharma,

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