Khloe Kardashian feels barren over pregnancy speculation

Khloe Kardashian feels barren over pregnancy speculation

Reality star Khloe Kardashian has revealed that she feels barren over the ongoing speculation that she’s pregnant by husband Lamar Odom!

In a recent interview, Khloe said that she wishes she had more support from people who have faced problems with getting pregnant. She said, “I wish I someone would do that for me, instead the media makes me feel like I’m barren and why can’d you get pregnant?”

She went on to say, “I’ve had an interviewer on the red carpet ask me, ‘Well if you want to have a baby why don’t you?’ I asked her if she had kids, she said, ‘No’, so I said, ‘Why don’t you talk to me after’. I have no problems answering people’s questions. They can ask me whatever they want, it’s not what they say, it’s how they sometimes say it.”

She added, “The public does think genuinely it’s so easy to have a baby. I am 26 years old. I do think when it happens it’s going to happen. I was finding out about my ovulation dates and I did notice it made Lamar and I uncomfortable like it took the fun out of it so we stopped doing that.”

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