Is Khloe Kardashian Really O.J. Simpson’s Daughter?

Is Khloe Kardashian Really O.J. Simpson's Daughter?

Khloe Kardashian is discovering that it isn’t always easy being a celebrity. For years there have been rumors swirling that hint she has a different dad from her siblings. Robert Kardashian claimed Khloe as his child but many insiders continue to insist that Kris knows there is a chance that “another dude did it.”

For a family steeped in the culture of “reality television” this one question has managed to generate elusive answers. Kris was living the high-life during her time as Mrs. Robert Kardashian and it is not a large leap of faith for people to believe that she did more than flirt with the guys. Then there is fact that Khloe does not really look like her other siblings. She has unusual height and a larger body build which her brother and sisters do not share. Her eyes, complexion, nose and hair are also different. This could be strictly the result of some wicked genetics, but it adds fuel to the “paternity” gossip mill.

The latest paternity questions have been raised by the former manager of OJ Simpson. According to Parron there is indeed a possibility that Khloe’s “real” dad is not Robert Kardashian. Parron stated that Kris was known to have cheated on her attorney hubby, and OJ was a close “family” friend. Given the reputations of both Kris and OJ it is only natural that some would think that Khloe is really a Simpson “bambino”.The Kardashians are not afraid to wash their laundry and hang it in public. Remember Kim K’s infamous sex tape? Think about the intimate details and revealing photos they post on a daily basis. Why don’t the Kardashians hush the rumor mill once and for all by publishing indisputable proof that Robert Kardashian is the biological “baby daddy” of all those kids?

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