Khloe Kardashian Wants To Go Back To Blonde (Photo)

Khloe Kardashian Wants To Go Back To Blonde (Photo)

Khloe Kardashian really looks like a total stunner as a blonde! Who knew?!? She posted the above photo on her Twitter page recently, showing herself with a platinum blonde ‘do with Kourtney and Rob — and she looks fab!

Reportedly, Khloe really wants to go back to being a blonde. Now that she lives in Texas with her hubby, she doesn’t have to conform to the Kardashian Krap — or does she?

Apparently momager Kris Jenner is laying the smackdown on Khloe’s plans to do something as simple as changing her hair color. A family friend said, “Khloe just wants to simply change her hair color, she has been leaning towards going blonde this time. She has wigs that she owns and when she dons the blonde locks, Lamar LOVES it. Lamar thinks his wife should be able to have her hair whatever color she wants. Practically every woman in Dallas is blonde, and Khloe just thinks it would be fun for her to do.”

E! actually has a contract with their whole family so that they can’t change a thing without approval. The source revealed, “E! has a very strict contract with the entire family. Before any physical changes are made on any of the family members during times when the shows are shooting, they must be approved by the network. Executives at E! want Khloe to remain a brunette so that it doesn’t date the series when it reruns. The suits want all of the sisters to have a similar look because the girls are branded as sisters, and having one of them showing up on screen with hair a different color, throws that off, and they don’t want to alienate viewers.”

I bet it also has something to do with Kris Jenner not wanting people to start asking if Bruce is Khloe’s real dad? She doesn’t look like Kim or Kourtney. What do you think? Should she go blonde?!?

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