Kim Kardashian Calls Cops On Stranger With Luggage At Her Home

Reality TV personality Kim Kardashian was forced to call the police after a strange man showed up on her doorstep!

He arrived at the gate to her Beverly Hills home with his luggage, claiming that he intended to stay at Kim’s home. He buzzed the intercom at the security gate and said that Kim had flown him in to stay with her. He also made the claim that he was supposed to be working on her reality show.

You know that Kim isn’t going to be keeping the help with her in her ultra-swank mansion, so her security people called the police. Kim was said to be freaked out when the guy refused to leave.

Will that be on an upcoming episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians? You know, if it came down to it, she could always land that Tokyo-sized tushy on him and that would send a message to any other would-be house crashers.

Photo Credit: Bruja/Sam Sharma,

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