Kim Kardashian Calls Mother Kris Jenner Her Role Model

Kim Kardashian Calls Mother Kris Jenner Her Role Model

Reality star Kim Kardashian has revealed that she considers her mother, Kris Jenner, a role model. If this woman is to be considered for anything other than being a staunch business woman, then it’s official, God has forsaken us all!

This is a woman who let her fifteen-year-old daughter get on the pill, posed topless while pregnant only to rehash that photo on Rob’s birthday and has allegedly brokered her own daughter’s raunchy sex tape with Ray J. Way to be a role model there, Kris! But, we digress.

Kim says that she counts her mother as a good example in her life because she works so hard and knows how to be successful. She revealed, “My mom is the key to my success! We think exactly alike and are always on the same page. She’s a better negotiator than I am, so I learn so much from her. Every six months, my mom and I set goals and visions for what we want to achieve. Then we write a goal that is outlandish and outside what we think is our goal range – and try to reach it.”

She added, “I would definitely encourage people to go into business. But they have to make sure it is a business that makes sense. You really have to believe in it, fine-tune it, have the right people, stay committed and go for it.”

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