Kim Kardashian Can’t Wait To Have Kids

Kim Kardashian Can't Wait To Have Kids

Kim Kardashian married Kris Humphries earlier this month, and now the reality television actress reveals that she can’t wait to take the next step — and have some babies!

Can you imagine what their children would look like? Imagine Lurch-sized children with insanely huge butts and you’d be somewhat close.

Perhaps she wants to do for her children what her mother did to for her? You know, sell them out for every possible dollar until people are so sick of hearing their names that they want to die?!? Just kidding, she doesn’t have to have kids for us to feel that way.

Kim’s close friend, Lisa Gastineau, said, “She wants babies. Let’s cross the fingers. And her mom wants her to have babies quick. She will be a great mom. She is very nurturting.”

Lisa went on to reveal that Kris will be a great dad and they are the perfect match for each other. Oh slobber. She added, “He adores Kim. I wish that every girl that I know had someone that adores her. Just the way he looks at her. He’s so cool. He stands up to her. Kim is a little dynamo. It is amazing, it is a fun, fun relationship watching them.”

I still call BS on their wedding. Let’s see the marriage certificate! What do you think of Kim and Kris having babies? Too soon? Have we uncovered her plot to take over the world with Kardashian-Humphries babies? Let us know what you think in the comments.

Photo Credit: Fame Pictures

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