Kim Kardashian Dating Mark Sanchez?

Ever since reality TV star Kim Kardashian filed for divorce from Kris Humphries, she’s been linked to several men. Among them, her ex-boyfriend Reggie Bush, Denver Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow and now, New York Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez.

A source said, “Kim and Mark like to meet in hotels for dinner dates and flings. Whenever Kim is in New York, they hang out. They are very careful with not being seen together, Mark is seeing someone!”

I guess this wouldn’t be the first time that Kim was called a homewrecker, eh?

Reports circulated online quickly, but Kim is shooting down the rumors, claiming that they are just friends. Of course they are…just like she was “just friends” with Kanye West while he was still dating Amber Rose.

Kim refuted the reports, saying, “I swear I’m not dating [Mark Sanchez] at all. Honestly, I’m a huge Jets fan and became very good friends with him and his buddies. There’s genuinely, absolutely nothing going on. I’ve always been that girl who has a lot of dude friends. I’m into sports so we have a lot in common, but not, definitely 100% not dating.”

Mark is currently dating model Kate Upton.

Photo Credit: Thibault Monnier,

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