Kim Kardashian Dumped By Love Of Her Life, Reggie Bush

Kim Kardashian Dumped By Love Of Her Life, Reggie Bush

A couple of weeks ago, reality TV star Kim Kardashian was spotted having a super expensive lunch with her ex-boyfriend Reggie Bush at the Beverly Hills Hotel. This prompted rumors that they had gotten back together. It was also said that the former couple were spending a lot of time together recently.

A source said, “She thought Reggie would take her back after the whole Kris Humphries debacle. Reggie’s her one true love. He could easily fire things up with Kim now, but he’s chosen not to.”

TMZ caught up with Reggie and asked if they had reconciled, to which he said, “No.”

Now, Life & Style is trying to make Kim out to be the victim with their latest cover. According to them, she was dumped by the love of her life. The cover reads, “After Kim ends her marriage to be with Reggie, he betrays her and says ‘I don’t love you’.”

The tabloid goes on to say that Kim has a “desperate plan” to make him jealous. Sticking the knife in even further, they report that Reggie was seen with a Kim lookalike. An insider revealed that the new woman in his life is a “new girl he’s been seeing.”

A pal said, “Reggie likes hanging out with Kim, but he’s not into all the publicity. He’s pretty much told her, ‘I don’t love you like that anymore; we’re just friends.'”

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