Kim Kardashian Dumped By Kanye West?

Kim Kardashian Dumped By Kanye West?

Kim Kardashian dumped by her rapper boyfriend Kanye West? Could it be true? It is if you believe the latest cover of In Touch Weekly magazine! Reportedly, the rapper decided to call time on their relationship – just months after she gave birth to their daughter North West. Was he just using her as a baby carrier?!? (She’s been used for worse AND less in the past!)

Would Kanye really dump Kim like that and just leave her as a single mother? Could it have been because her butt is still huge and she still thinks that the sun rises and sets on it?

Either way, the magazine is reporting that Kanye has dumped her and she and North are now on their own. We don’t actually believe that any of these tabloid rumors are true. We’re thinking that they have run out of people who were buying those “Jennifer Aniston is pregnant” stories, so they had to start making up stuff about Kim and Kanye’s relationship.

We are of the mind that it’s likely that everything is okay between Kim and Kanye. If it weren’t, she would be babbling on about it with someone already. Perhaps she would have even begun to start making money from her daughter — because we all know how much Kanye is against that.

TELL US: Do you think that Kanye has dumped Kim?

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