Kim Kardashian Feels Like A Proud Mother To Kendall Jenner

Kim Kardashian Feels Like A Proud Mother To Kendall Jenner

Kim Kardashian and Kendall Jenner share the same mother, but that doesn’t stop the famed reality star from feeling proud like a mother for Kendall’s accomplishments. As you may know, Kendall is a model and quite possibly soon to be dubbed a Victoria’s Secret Angel and Kim couldn’t be more proud.

In a new interview with “Look” magazine, Kim revealed that she gets all teary-eyed when seeing her little sister walk the runway at fashion shows. She told the publication, “I literally want to cry when I see Kendall walking down the runway. I feel like she’s my daughter sometimes, like I’m a proud mom!”

She continued, “I think I’m so proud that my sister has such a strong work ethic and she’s really achieved what she set out to do and she made it happen for herself. That’s what makes me the most proud.”

In case you’ve missed it, Kendall has said that she wants to distance herself from the Kardashian/Jenner brand that has made her family so famous. She has gone as far as dropping her famous last name from her modeling jobs and has admitted to banning her more famous sister Kim from her shows.

There are no hard feelings, however, as the young model shared the above picture on her official Instagram account of herself and Kim in the pages of “Vogue” magazine.

It’s hard not to wonder if Kim actually did play some small role as a parent to her younger siblings. Kris Jenner has always seemingly been involved in making money and/or getting famous. When she was already famous, it appeared that she concentrated more on getting more famous, making more money and becoming a household name. It could explain why Kendall was adamant about dropping her last name from modeling shows. Perhaps that and she didn’t want to use her name in order to make a career for herself. It was going to happen anyway with the name recognition, but it’s a nice thought that she tried to avoid it at all costs. What do you think?

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