Kim Kardashian Gunning For Weight Watchers Deal?

Kim Kardashian Gunning For Weight Watchers Deal?

Is reality star Kim Kardashian gunning for a multi-million dollar deal with Weight Watchers? That was the question that we were asking in January and it could be blossoming into the truth! Who knew that we could see into the future?!?

Those in the know are speculating that Kim could parlay her poor pregnancy fashion choices and weight gain into a huge deal with the weight loss giant. Page Six reports:

Kim has drawn ridicule for strutting around in tight-fitting couture maternity wear, including sky-high heels, snug dresses and A-line skirts. The baffling choices have prompted fashion commentator Amy Tara Koch to quip, “It’s like she’s trying to stuff 5 pounds of baloney into a 1-pound bag.”

It all furthers buzz that Kim is publicly piling on the pounds to nail a weight-loss contract where she’d lose the fat later for a large payday. But a source close to Kardashian insisted, “There is no weight-loss deal on the table,” adding that Kim “loves her outfits. They are stylish and cute.”

A rep for Weight Watchers said that there was “no truth” to rumors it was looking at Kim as a possible spokeswoman.

Let’s see if there is any truth to the rumors after she pops out that baby… Stay tuned!

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