Kim Kardashian Has Gym Cleared Out So Her Butt Has Room To Work Out

Kim Kardashian Has Gym Cleared Out So Her Butt Has Room To Work Out

We could really troll the likes of Kim Kardashian all day long and it would never get boring. But on a serious note, Kim did go to a local gym in Australia to get a workout in and her people cleared the entire facility. It wasn’t for the obvious reason (her gigantic butt), but because she wanted the privacy. “Heatworld” reports:

And, it appears that the 33-year-old may be a little worried about working out in front of people as, according to an Australian radio station, Kim had her people clear out a gym, at the Langham Hotel, so she could get sweaty in peace.

The caller, who called himself John, rang into the station to talk about the experience, with the Melbourne station later tweeting, “Caller John tells @TomElliot3AW all guests at Langham were ordered to leave the hotel gym so Kim Kardashian could use it #Yeezus”.

The tweet caused outrage down under, with people demanding the hotel pay back the users their fee, with another writing: “u had every other paying clients removed from gym, in MELBORNE HOTEL cause your better than everybody else! NOT! Selfish!”

Did you expect anything less?

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