Kim Kardashian Hates Falling Asleep With Makeup On

Kim Kardashian Hates Falling Asleep With Makeup On

Kim Kardashian has revealed that she really hates herself when she falls asleep wearing makeup because she always tries to take care of her skin. As you may already know, Kim doesn’t usually leave the house unless she’s wearing a mountain of makeup on her face, but it’s just lazy to fall asleep with all of that on her face. Can you imagine what she looks like in the morning?

She said, “I fell asleep in my makeup two days ago. My skin was perfect and then I fell asleep with all my makeup on. I woke the next morning and was like, ‘Why did I do that?’ I hate myself every time I do it.”

Surprisingly, she didn’t take this opportunity to pimp out some sort of facial cleanser. Oh wait, she did. She told “Heat” magazine, “I use Per-fekt. It’s a face wash, toner and a moisturizer. I put sunscreen on afterwards and I use a scrub three times a week.”

She added, “Sometimes your face will be too pale for your body and that sucks.”

You know what else sucks? Stepping out of the house looking like you would need a jackhammer to pry your real face out from underneath all of that clown makeup. Just sayin’.

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