Kim Kardashian Hates Puppies

Kim Kardashian Hates Puppies

Reality television actress Kim Kardashian hates dogs except for when the situation provides a reason for the famewhore to get her picture taken — of course. I mean, what kind of person hates dogs?!?

Kim was recently married to Kris Humphries and was even photographed with his dogs Gizmo and Brodi. A source said, “Kim doesn’t like dogs at all, but did love to have her picture taken publicly with Kris’ dogs though when they were together.” It would just figure that Kim would use a situation in order to line her pockets, right?

The source went on to say, “The dogs were a constant source of stress during Kim and Kris’ relationship. Kris has had the dogs since they were puppies and he has loved them like his children. Kim wanted the dogs to be kept outside whenever they were together. Kris wouldn’t allow it because they are small dogs and aren’t outdoor dogs.”

The spy added, “Kim thinks dogs are dirty and messy, and she is a complete neat freak.”

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