Kim Kardashian In Jail?

Kim Kardashian In Jail?

Kim Kardashian appears in an orange jumpsuit in the above photo, making fans perhaps think that she’s incarcerated? We could only hope, but sadly this is not the case. The former sex tape star is actually getting work on real television (not reality) as a guest star on “Drop Dead Diva”. “Us Weekly” reports:

In an upcoming episode of Lifetime’s scripted series Drop Dead Diva, Kardashian’s character — relationship expert Nikki LePree — spends time behind bars. Wearing an orange jumpsuit, Kardashian, 31, ends up in the clink because Stacy Pakery (April Bowlby) has too many parking tickets.

During Kardashian’s most recent appearance on Drop Dead Diva, her character swindled Stacy’s savings and skipped town. According to series regular Brooke Elliott, the E! reality star was a total pro on set.

“She knew her lines; she came very prepared,” the actress told Us Weekly in June. “She was very kind and low-maintenance.”

If they keep giving her legitimate television roles, she’ll start thinking she has a legit career. Someone please stop this now.

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