Kim Kardashian Is A Twitter Moron

Kim Kardashian Is A Twitter Moron

Well, color us surprised! Reality actress Kim Kardashian is pretty useless when it comes to using her celebrity status to publicize anything that doesn’t pay her a hefty fee.

The LAPD approached Kim, along with Lady Gaga and Ashton Kutcher, to publicize the closure of one of the city’s main freeways on July 16th and 17th. But, Kim got the dates wrong, not once, but twice!

The first time she tweeted about the road closure was on Friday, July 1st. She tweeted, “Remember this weekend the 405 Fwy is gonna be closed between the San Fernando Valley and the West Side!!”

Afterward, she must’ve realized her mistake and deleted the message. Then, she did the same thing, declaring the closure to be “next weekend”. Duh. Kim fails at numbers. Either that, or someone needs to be fired.

After that, she realized she goofed again, deleted the message and tweeted, “Stay away from the 405 Fwy the weekend of July 16 & 17…”

We’re sure that if it were an #ad that was paid for by Skechers, she wouldn’t have gotten it wrong. Throw some money at this broad and she doesn’t skip a beat. Otherwise, you get what you pay for.

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