Kim Kardashian Is The Most Annoying Celebrity

Kim Kardashian Is The Most Annoying Celebrity

Sex tape star Kim Kardashian has finally topped a poll that we truly believe in!

Apparently some good folks over at Parade made a list of most annoying celebrities, and Kim’s name was smack dab right at the top! Ha. I love Parade, you guys slay me.

Kim scored a total of 29 percent, landing her ginormous butt above the likes of Charlie Sheen and Snooki. We’re betting that this is an honor that she won’t show up and flaunt that huge butt on the red carpet for. Also making the list were Lindsay Lohan and Donald Trump.

This is truly a list that we subscribe to. Who do you think is the world’s most annoying celebrity? Who’s name would you add to the list?

We would add anyone with the name “Nancy” and “Grace”, along with the last names Lohan, Kardashian, Jenner and Hilton.

Photo Credit: Fame Pictures

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