Kim Kardashian Is Yahoo’s Most Searched Celebrity Of 2012

Kim Kardashian Is Yahoo's Most Searched Celebrity Of 2012

It’s scary to think that the general public finds reality star Kim Kardashian so captivating enough that she has become a top search on any search engine’s list. Alas, she has made the list of Yahoo’s most searched celebrity of 2012 — and she is at the very top. Heck, she even beat those who had legitimate careers! Crazy world we live in, no?

She recently caused a bit of a ruckus when she went to Bahrain to open the new Millions Of Milkshakes store with the locals creeping out of the woodwork to call her a porn star, but she remains at the top of the search engines?

Yahoo has just released its yearly list of top searches for this year and it wasn’t a surprise as to the names on top. First, the “election” was number one on the list, because thankfully there are people out there in the world who are excited about things that actually matter. Second on the list went to “iPhone”, which makes sense because iPhones are awesome. But the top searched celebrity of the year went to Kim Kardashian. Ugh.

She isn’t yet divorced from NBA player Kris Humphries, she’s dating Kanye West and she is photographed everywhere she goes. Of course it’s her notoriety that keeps her at the top of the search engines. Unfortunately at this time in our lives as a public whole, we care more about what this twatwaffle is doing than anything else.

A top search analyst said, “The 2012 elections dominated the online searches, which is amazing because if something is in the news, it’s already accessible….people were really saturated by it, but even so, that was a key word that people typed throughout the year.”

Here’s the list:

iPhone 5
Kim Kardashian
Kate Upton
Kate Middleton
Whitney Houston
Political polls
Lindsay Lohan
Jennifer Lopez

Who exactly is doing all of these searches? Only men?

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