Kim Kardashian: Kanye West Assault Victim Threatened Her Life

Kim Kardashian: Kanye West Assault Victim Threatened Her Life

Reality TV actress Kim Kardashian says that when her boyfriend Kanye West punched that 18-year-old guy for calling her names, it was moreso because he threatened her life. As you may recall, Kim showed up to a building with a ton of paparazzi in tow when some guy there started calling the photographers racist names. Kim stepped in and that’s when he started calling her racist names. After she called Kanye, he met her there and punched the guy. Now, she is claiming that the victim of Kanye’s assault threatened to kill her. TMZ has the full report:

Sources familiar with the nuclear blow up at a Beverly Hills medical building tell TMZ … the guy screamed at Kim, “I WILL KILL YOU, SLUT” … and THAT Kim believes is a crime.

TMZ broke the story … the guy had been yelling at paps outside the building as Kim showed up. He apparently tried to help her get in the building, but when he started ranting at photogs, calling them “n****rs” and “f****ts” … Kim called him out and he then went crazy on her.

For some reason, Kim called Kanye in the middle of the guy’s rant and the guy screamed that Kanye was an “n****r,” and it all culminated in confrontation in a chiropractor’s waiting room when Kanye barged in and punched the guy. Now Kanye is a suspect in a criminal battery investigation.

Kim has already met with her lawyer and they decided they will mount a counterattack by filing a police report.

Whatever happens … it’s not good for Kanye. He’s already facing battery charges for his LAX assault on a photog, and the L.A. City Attorney wants to use every confrontation to prove Kanye has an M.O. This isn’t going to help his cause.

We have no doubt that this assault victim was seriously in it for the cash grab, but Kanye absolutely did not have to bite. Kim also could’ve called the police instead of calling Kanye into the drama. This would’ve certainly sounded better for Kim’s life threatening argument if she had actually notified the police instead of doing what she did. Perhaps Kim needs to start walking around with security guards from now on? It sounds like Kanye might get more than a slap on the wrist for this one and she will be spending time alone while he does jail time — spending his money. Perhaps that was the plan from the start?

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