Kim Kardashian makes thousands in appearance fees

While you’re sitting there at your desk job reading this and counting the time until 5 o’clock hits so you can leave work and have that awesome beer waiting for you at home, just remember that Kim Kardashian was made famous via a sex tape. Yes folks, that’s it. One sex tape catapulted this trashbucket to fame and now she earns your yearly salary in a few hours.

I don’t want to say that she “earns” thousands, because if sitting in a bar in the VIP section with your friends, ignoring the public and texting friends while you get hammered is earning, then maybe I’m in the wrong line of work. *Calls Vivid*

She’s making a tidy little sum off of all of her appearances. Here’s a breakdown:

Bowling in heels at the High Rollers bowling alley – $40,000
Hosting the Bullrun Live Rally – $35,000
QuickTrim spokesperson – $100,000
Shopping at Best Buy – $40,000
Hosting six events at Tao in Las Vegas – $500,000

Do you see where I’m going with this? It’s just sickening!

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