Kim Kardashian Is Obsessed With Hermes Shoes (PHOTO)

Kim Kardashian Is Obsessed With Hermes Shoes (PHOTO)

Reality TV star Kim Kardashian is obsessed with Hermes shoes, according to her official Instagram account. She shared the above photo on Instagram with the caption: “My new shoe obsession! #Hermes”.

We’re not so sure about the shoes, but we are liking that black dress in the middle shot. Otherwise, we feel that her body looks completely different in each picture. She looks slim, but in the far right shot her hips look extra wide. In the middle shot, it’s her butt that looks big while the rest of her looks small. And we really don’t know what to make of that hot mess on the left…

Despite rolling up towels as a fake baby in a stroller, Kim has laid out her thoughts and advice on the topic of motherhood in a recent interview. When asked for any advice she could give on busy moms balancing work and motherhood, she said, “It is an adjustment trying to balance a career and motherhood for sure, but the key is to prioritize.”

Is she really in a place to offer up advice to anyone — considering that her lack of parenting skills has earned her daughter North the nickname “igNori” on the internet? Every time she strolls around with that stroller, we are always going to think that she’s got nothing in there but rolled up towels….and to think she shut the paparazzi up so that North could sleep. Towels don’t sleep, Kim. Apparently she didn’t get the memo.

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