Kim Kardashian Paid $600,000 To Party On New Year’s Eve

Kim Kardashian Paid $600,000 To Party On New Year's Eve

Kim Kardashian isn’t letting her divorce from Kris Humphries get her down. Nope. Once a paid party girl, always a paid party girl. And New Year’s Eve is no different. Reportedly, she’s raking in $600,000 for the festivities. Are you sick to your stomach yet?

The NY Post reports:

Kim Kardashian will appear at Tao in Sin City as part of a larger deal worth up to $600,000 for multiple appearances.

Are you shocked that she’s making so much dough for one night of events? Seriously. She’s leading young girls to think that it’s okay to show their hoohahs on video for the fame and fortune of living it up like a Kardashian.

We still blame Paris Hilton for the scourge of Kardashians that have appeared on our radar since Kim was her hanger-on. Ugh. These people.

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