Kim Kardashian Re-Gifted Wedding Gifts For Christmas?

Kim Kardashian Re-Gifted Wedding Gifts For Christmas?

Kim Kardashian shocked all of us when she asked for a metric ton of expensive gifts for her wedding to Nets basketball player, Kris Humphries. When her 72-day marriage to Kris was over, we all thought she would do the right thing and return the gifts. Alas, Kim kept the gifts and instead, donated $200,000 to the charity of her choice. Nice fat tax write-off, right?

Now, we’ve heard that Kim has actually found something to do with the gifts. Reportedly, the reality star was said to have re-gifted her wedding gifts for Christmas!

From The Dirty:

K was supposed to give all of her wedding presents to charity but the b*tch re -gifted them to family and friends for Christmas. Two of Bruce’s sons told me personally that they received gifts that were signed to Kim for her wedding but she was so f*cking stupid that she didn’t even look inside the gift to realize it was signed to her.

So Kim is basically a liar and a fake? No freakin’ way! Their entire clan really is a bunch of shameless, talentless famewhores, aren’t they?

Do you believe the hype? Would Kim do something as heinous as re-gifting obvious wedding presents for Christmas? I wonder if anyone got that expensive vase?

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