Kim Kardashian releasing ‘Turn It Up’ single Sunday

Kim Kardashian releasing 'Turn It Up' single Sunday

Kim Kardashian plans to release her first single, Turn It Up on Kourtney & Kim Take New York this Sunday.

This will reportedly be an only release from Kim, if we’re lucky, as she has previously said that she has no plans for an entire album. That is, if her sheep followers don’t like the song. If they start complimenting her on her music, it’s likely that she’ll branch out even further into the music industry.

She took to her official blog to say, “This was my last day in the studio! I am so excited for you all to hear my song. It debuts this Sunday on Kourtney and Kim Take New York and will be available on iTunes. I’m going to start sharing all my pics from the music video shoot tomorrow, so stay tuned!”

Ugh. Just shoot us now and save us the agony, please.

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