Kim Kardashian Responds To O.J. Simpson Fathering Sister Khloe Kardashian

It appears that everybody and their mother has something to say about the Khloe Kardashian paternity drama. Firstly, Robert Kardashian’s former wives Jan Ashley and Ellen Kardashian revealed that Robert told them both privately that Khloe wasn’t his biological child. And while it would seem that they were only giving those tabloid reports in a desperate bid for cash, it had a ring of truth to it. She doesn’t look like Kim, Kourtney or Rob. We just guessed that Khloe was more likely to be Bruce Jenner’s kid.

On Wednesday, the news dropped via the most recent issue of the National Enquirer that O.J. Simpson is actually Khloe’s real father.

To further enhance that thought, they put photos of Khloe and O.J.’s daughter Sydney, side-by-side. They look a little bit alike, so they must be related, right?

Now, it appears that Kim wants another crack at the insanity of this story. She has once again opened her big mouth to give her opinion — because we were just dying to know! [Spoiler alert: No, we weren’t.]

Kim took to her official Twitter page to tweet the cover of the Enquirer, along with this, “Now we have all the answers! It makes sense now! Khloe u are so tan!”

There’s still no word on whether or not Angelina Jolie is pregnant and dealing with a “cancer shocker”, so stay tuned….

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