Kim Kardashian Reveals Wedding Dress Details

Kim Kardashian Reveals Wedding Dress Details

Now that reality star Kim Kardashian is engaged to basketball player Kris Humphries, she’s trying to make as much money and/or fame as possible by dragging this supposed fairytale out. She’s already given interviews about the ring, her fiancee, his appearance on her show and everything else under the sun… So why not leak some details about her wedding dress, even if they’re possibly fake?

The day the happy couple supposedly ties the knot is nearer and further details about the whole affair are coming to light. The wedding is rumored to cost a whopping ten million dollars, with Maybachs and other expensive cars hauling guests to and from the event.

So it would stand to reason that Kim would probably shell out a ton of dough on wedding dress, right? She’s been seen trolling around Vera Wang’s shop and has even asked the workers there to sign non-disclosure agreements. So could she be wearing the famous designer’s creation on her big day? Kim talked about her gown, saying, “I am so excited! I still want to be myself, but I want it to be so different.”

A friend of Kim’s said, “Everything became real when Kim tried on gowns for the first time. When she tried on a veil, she started to tear up. She said she knew it was all meant to be! She’s on cloud nine right now.”

A snitch said that Kim tried on, “Strapless bodices and different-shaped skirts, everything from slinky satin to fuller mermaid style. She wants it to be a little bit of high fashion, but also timeless, classic and classy. It will be ivory, and most of the detailing will just be stitchwork or beading.”

Yes, because “classy” is totally a word we’d use to describe Kim Kardashian. Ha.

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