Kim Kardashian Secretly Adopting?

Kim Kardashian Secretly Adopting?

Now that Kim Kardashian is divorcing Kris Humphries, she hasn’t given up on her plan of becoming a mother. According to the latest issue of OK! magazine, Kim is secretly adopting!

Reportedly, Kim has just started the process of adopting a baby as a single mom. A source said, “Kim has always been very maternal. One of three sisters, she’s the one who’s been saying that she’s ready for kids the longest.”

Or perhaps she’s just ready to use the “I want to be a mother” schtick in order to keep any relevance in the media spotlight? If she really wanted kids, wouldn’t she be pregnant or a mother by now? If it were THAT important to her, you would think she would have been working on it, right?

The source went on to reveal, “It’s all top secret, but the adoption is already underway. Kim is ready. She’s made inquiries and gotten information. Now she just has to decide where she wants the baby to come from.”

What happened to the previous rumors that Kim was dating a Saudi billionaire?!? Did that just drop off the face of the Earth?

Do you think Kim would make a good mother?

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