Kim Kardashian To Sue Over KardashianLash Makeup?

Kim Kardashian To Sue Over KardashianLash Makeup?

Kim Kardashian apparently has other worries other than her 72-day marriage to Kris Humphries. According to the gossip, Kim is fuming mad over a recent beauty product that is using the Kardashian family name to make money.

Kim and her family have threatened to take legal action over the product, which uses their name. It’s said to be an eyelash enhancement product, called KardashianLash, which is not affiliated with the notorious famewhores.

The woman who has thought up the product, Sarah Ehrlich, has already filed papers in court to trademark the name, and the Kardashians are planning on fighting it.

Obviously, if Sarah’s product is using their name, then Kim’s lawyers just have to show the product. Kris Jenner has probably trademarked all things Kardashian and Jenner related. She’s no dummy when it comes to business. So we’re pretty sure how this one is going to play out in court.

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Photo Credit: Fame Pictures

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