Kim Kardashian Tweets Blonde Hair Photo

Kim Kardashian Tweets Blonde Hair Photo

Like a good little famewhore, Kim Kardashian is using Twitter and Instagram to get her every possible drop of attention from the world. Even for something so mundane as dying her hair blonde.

The former sex tape star took to her official Twitter account to say, “Blonde hair don’t care” along with the above photo.

Recently, Kim wrote on her Twitter account that she thinks her butt is big. Of course. She tweeted, “Ummm in a fitting w @MonicaRoseStyle I think my butt looks too big in these jeans.”

Captain Obvious rears his ugly head, no? We’re surprised that it took her this long to figure out that her butt is huge. And now that she’s dating rapper Kanye West, he wants to give her a makeover. It’s probably because her leopard print Krap is killing any fashion sense that he has just by association.

She said, “He’s a fashion designer and he loves clothes and I’m excited to collaborate with him to see what his take on fashion is. I feel it’s so ironic that I’m the one that’s always giving my friends their closet makeovers so for the roles to be reversed it’s like, ‘Oh my God’.”

She used to be a closet re-organizer for famous people before she hit the big time in her movie with Ray J, “Kim Kardashian Superstar”. That was totally her breakout role, but if she’s qualified to do anything besides getting peed on in film it’s going to be organizing someone’s closet. So we’ll give her that.

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