Kim Kardashian uses ‘Princess Jasmine’ at hotels!

Kim Kardashian uses 'Princess Jasmine' at hotels!

Kim Kardashian definitely travels a lot, so we just had to know what name she uses when checking into hotels. According to reports, she uses “Princess Jasmine”!

Sounds a little self-important, doesn’t it? I have to wonder when she checks in under that name, if she’s expecting to be treated like royalty? I guess now that the word is out, she’s going to change her hotel check in name….

This leads us to wonder, exactly what is she going to change her hotel name to now? Could it be Media Troll? How about Sex Tape Star? Perhaps Urin Ateonme?

I could go on and on and on and on. What do you think she should use? Sound off in the comments!

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