Kim Kardashian Wants New Fragrance To Evoke Memories

Kim Kardashian Wants New Fragrance To Evoke Memories

Reality star Kim Kardashian says that she wants her new fragrance to evoke memories for its wearers. She revealed that she made the new perfume by capturing the essences of her family’s favorite flowers and bottled them up to create an intimate fragrance.

She said, “To me, fragrance is really intimate. I collect fragrances and when I spray a favorite scent it automatically takes me back to a certain time or memories from years ago, so I wanted to do the same for others. I wanted to take all of my favorite memories from years ago and put them in a bottle. So I took my dad’s favorite flower, which is gardenia, my mom’s favorite flower, which is tuberose, and mine, which is jasmine, and made sure they were the top notes in my scent.”

She went on to say, “The end result is light enough to wear during the day but very voluptuous. I like to stick to one fragrance and wear it for a long time, day and night, so it was important that I found my signature scent.”

Do you think this will be her last fragrance? Somehow I doubt that…she is competing with Paris Hilton, right?

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