Kim Kardashian Will Never Date Another Football Player

Rumors were flying recently that Kim Kardashian was going after Tim Tebow. After the denial came in (he has class, people), the new rumors suggested that Kim was secretly dating Mark Sanchez.

Now, we know that she isn’t secretly trying to hook up with Mark and the Tebow rumors are just that — rumors. She was said to have tried to hook up with Tebow because of his religious views, but he brutally rebuffed her. He’s a virgin and she’s had more sex for the cameras than he has in his whole life. Go figure.

The reality television star is so done with football players altogether. I guess the breakup with Reggie Bush was so bad that she was soured on NFL players completely.

In addition to that, she is also done with NBA, as well. We have to wonder what sport the Kardashian hurricane will try to tackle next? Hockey? Perhaps soccer?

I bet the entire NFL and NBA are breathing a sigh of relief after this news gets around. Who do you think Kim should date next?

Photo Credit: Thibault Monnier,

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