Kim Kardashian’s Weight Loss: Surgery Or Exercise?

Kim Kardashian's Weight Loss: Surgery Or Exercise?

Reality star and new mother Kim Kardashian is featured on the cover of the newest issue of OK! magazine. On the cover, the magazine shows her in a slim looking light blue ruffled dress. Does anyone have a designer ID on this dress?

While we would say that she does look a lot slimmer than before getting pregnant, it appears that the photo they used of Kim has been altered. The picture on the cover is obviously edited to cinch in her waist some and make her eyes look weird. Here is a candid shot from which the magazine took for this week’s cover.

Either way, the question that the tabloid is posing is whether Kim’s new post-baby body is the result of hard work from exercise or if she actually paid to have a tummy tuck? The magazine states that her body could be the result of $100,000 worth of plastic surgery. We wouldn’t put it past her or Kanye to throw down a hefty chunk of change in order for Kim to look like she has a flat stomach just a few months after giving birth to their daughter Nori.

TELL US: Do you think Kim Kardashian underwent $100,000 worth of plastic surgery or has she been hitting the gym?

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