Kirstie Alley falls on Dancing With The Stars (Video)

Kirstie Alley falls on Dancing With The Stars

If you were watching Dancing With The Stars last night, then like us, you were worried about Maksim Chmerkovskiy, after he dropped Kirstie Alley!

The dancing couple were all ready to do their Rhumba, when Maks dropped her. Still, they recovered quite nicely and gave a really nice performance.

You can tell that Maks was in some serious pain:

They scored 21 points for the dance. Afterward, Kirstie tweeted this message, “@MaksimC .,, I salute u… U r a gladiator …. A champion… I’m honored to be your partner.”

Glad to hear that he’s fine! Go Kirstie and Maks, we’re still rooting for you!

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