Kirstie Alley Threatens Lawsuit Against Twitter Impersonator

Kirstie Alley Threatens Lawsuit Against Twitter Impersonator

Dear Kirstie Alley impersonator on Twitter, the real Kirstie is going to sue you!

The Dancing With The Stars finalist took to Twitter to threaten legal action against the fake Kirstie, who is using her name and likeness for their own gain.

The real Kirstie’s Twitter account is @KirstieAlley and the fake Twitter account is @Kristie_Alley. They are using the same bio information and Organic Liaison background, but there is one difference. The real Kirstie has over 800,000 followers on the social networking service. The fake Kirstie has only 54 followers.

Still, Kirstie tweeted that she’s going to sue the impersonator if he or she tweeted out ads under the false name. She tweeted, “Hey @kristie_alley If u tweets paid Ads using my name… Imma sue u… Imma go after u anyway for impersonating me… U need to stop.”

Still, the fake Kirstie has been non-stop tweeting DWTS related messages, along with ads. Stay tuned as we follow this story!

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