Kourtney Kardashian Tried To Teach Scott Disick A Lesson

Kourtney Kardashian Tried To Teach Scott Disick A Lesson

It seemed that Scott Disick was snubbing his one-year-old niece’s first birthday party by staying in the Hamptons, but apparently it wasn’t his idea! Kourtney Kardashian must not be pleased that Scott wasn’t there for the party…but as it turns out, the opposite is true.

As you have probably heard, Kourtney threw a huge “Kidchella” bash for North West in her back yard over the weekend. She flew to Los Angeles after doing some filming for her spinoff show with her sister Khloe in the Hamptons. Well, after Scott upset her with his partying, she gave his plane ticket to a nanny and banned him from attending the birthday festivities.

Kourtney was apparently trying to teach Scott a lesson with the decision to not allow him to attend the birthday party, but that seemed to have backfired completely. A source said that Scott opted to stay in Southampton, New York and celebrate his own belated birthday party at 1Oak.

TMZ reports, “Disick didn’t stew over the snub – he had a belated birthday party at 1Oak in the Hamptons where he sprayed champagne on fellow party-goers.”

One source said that Kourtney felt that Scott would “feel the burn” after being left out of the party because of its location. The source added, “The tension revolves around Scott’s propensity for partying and leaving the family in the dust. Kourtney gave Scott’s plane ticket to a nanny…again, a not-so-subtle insult that seemed lost on Scott.”

Scott was said to have arrived at 1Oak a little after midnight in his Bentley. Once there, he smoked cigarettes and got wasted drunk. Snitches on the scene have revealed that he was “pretty wasted” and was partying next to a mystery brunette. In some pictures, she put her head down so that she couldn’t be identified. Still, Scott was said to be having a good time and wasn’t minding being away from his girlfriend or their two children.

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