Kris & Bruce Jenner’s Split Filmed For Reality Show

Kris & Bruce Jenner's Split Filmed For Reality Show

In case you’ve thought that all reality shows were nothing but a bunch of nonsense and hoopla, then you would be 99 percent correct. To even the keel, Kris Jenner has allowed the cameras in to her Calabasas home for the filming of her split from hubby of 22 years, Bruce. Nothing is really sacred with these folks, is it?

Kris has always told her many children to save all of their drama for the reality show cameras and now she is taking her own advice. The former couple just recently announced that they had split up a year ago and all of the aftermath following their crumbling marriage is being preserved for posterity. How lovely of them to want to save their faked “reality TV” emotions for all of us.

A source revealed, “Keeping Up With The Kardashians will continue to show Kris and Bruce’s issues. Let’s be honest – almost everything in Kris’ life is on television!”

According to reports, Bruce’s portions of the show will be filmed from the comfort of his home in Malibu. Can you blame him? He probably wants to get as far away from that reality show mess as humanly possible. If we were him, we couldn’t even imagine going near the show or Kris with a ten-foot pole. Unfortunately for him, he’s probably bound to the show via a ironclad contract. Is he also legally bound to put on a happy face whenever he’s with Kris?

The source added, “They are living separately, but a lot of things won’t change. And just as they showed Khloe and Lamar’s issues, they will do the same with Kris and Bruce. Kris is very aware of the fact that the split makes for some good television!”

We’re sure she is totally aware of that fact. In fact, we’re guessing that she has been counting on people tuning in to watch her marriage fall to pieces so that she can begin chasing younger tail almost immediately. Kudos to Ben Flajnik for being able to walk away from this monster. Her money tried to entangle him in her web, but it didn’t work out for her. We’re guessing that bottle of wine was a parting gift?

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