Kris Humphries Is Gay?!?

Kris Humphries Is Gay?!?

Kim Kardashian’s divorce after 72 days of marriage to Kris Humphies just keeps getting better and better, doesn’t it? She is trying to play the victim in the eyes of the media and now, there are reports swirling across the internet that he’s gay! Ha.

According to Star magazine, the real reason behind Kim and Kris’ “marriage disaster” is because he’s batting for the wrong team. What, wasn’t it enough that she’s making him out to be this epic douche on their reality show?!?

Under their headline, they’re reporting that he wouldn’t touch her after the honeymoon. Now who else was there inside their bedroom on their honeymoon?!? Unless Kim had 50 TV cameras their filming them doing it, who else is going to know that? That is, unless they really did film a sex tape together?

Wait, just a few weeks ago, Star magazine claimed that there was a sex tape between Kim and Kris. So which is it?!? Did they film a tape together? Or is he gay and didn’t touch her after the honeymoon? Or did he make a gay sex tape with her?

And OMG you guys, what did Khloe see?!? And of course, Kris is vowing to DESTROY the Kardashians. Oh noes. Let’s help him out. Go to and sign the petition. That would do it.

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