Kris Humphries Wants To Make Kim Kardashian Pay!

Kris Humphries Wants To Make Kim Kardashian Pay!

Kim Kardashian, Kanye West and Kris Humphries are all featured on the latest cover of “Us Weekly”. Their feud has been on-going and all encompassing, hasn’t it?

We can’t really blame Kris for hanging on to the hope that the truth will prevail and he’ll be set free from this wretched famewhore with his dignity intact. He wants their marriage annulled, which would void their confidentiality agreement. Kris claims that he was defrauded into marrying Kim and that she only said “I do” so that she could a ton of ratings for her show, “Keeping Up With The Kardashians”. Seems legit, no?

Still, they are dragging things out so much that Kim may actually give birth to Kanye’s baby while still being married to Kris. Nothing would really shock us at this point. Well, maybe that’s partially correct. You see, if Kris gets his annulment and the confidentiality agreement is voided, then he could speak out, write a book or start a blog about his life with the reality star. So the question of the day has now become “What doesn’t Kim Kardashian want us to know about herself?” What is she hiding so much that she is letting this go any further than it needs to? Who cares if Kris wants an annulment, who cares what he knows — if she really wanted to be done with all of it, she would just give him what he wants. But no, she won’t. We’re guessing that Kris has some sort of valuable information that he cannot reveal because of the legal muzzle that she has placed on him. What is it?

Anyone take a guess?

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