Kris Humphries Won’t Sign Off On Kim Kardashian Divorce?

Kris Humphries Won't Sign Off On Kim Kardashian Divorce?

According to E!, Kris Humphries is declining a large settlement offer from Kim Kardashian’s camp in their divorce, but he won’t sign the papers and be done with it.

They report that Kris and his attorneys have received a generous settlement offer several months ago, but it’s not enough. Apparently his lawyers think that they could get him more money. Of course, this news is coming from a company that’s basically in bed with the Kardashian family, so we can cast some doubt on its authenticity.

A source close to the settlement negotiations said that Kris really wants seven million dollars to make this all go away. The current offer from Kim is less than that, so he is said to be holding out for more.

The source revealed, “Kris is dragging it out. Kim is ready to move on, but Kris is hoping that stretching it out will get him even more money.”

Reportedly, Kris approached Kim with his price and in exchange promised to never speak of their marriage. The insider said, “Kim never considered signing something like that. Kris can’t take the time to consider her offer, but he finds time to do an interview with a tabloid magazine. There is a fair offer on the table, but he just won’t sign it.”

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