Kris Jenner And Ben Flajnik: Still Texting

Kris Jenner And Ben Flajnik: Still Texting

We sincerely hope that former Bachelor Ben Flajnik has enough sense to really stay as far away as possible from reality TV momager Kris Jenner. She’s not only bad news for her family, but she is just bad news all of the way around.

When the news first surfaced that Kris was chasing after a much younger Ben, he released a statement saying that they are just friends and nothing more. She is using him for publicity and vice versa, but we’re sure that he doesn’t want to scare off some potential lady friends — thus the friendzoned statement for Kris.

Either way, these two are still texting and using each other for publicity. Ben doesn’t want to become a freckle on reality TV’s butt and Kris is just being herself AKA THE DEVIL.

Things are said to have cooled off between Kris and Ben, but they are still talking to one anohter. A source revealed, “Kris and Ben have cooled things off a bit. But they still text all the time. Kris loves being single, she feels like one of her daughters, young and carefree, that’s Kris.”

There was NO relationship with Ben Flajnik, no matter how many times Kris tries to shovel that BS down our throats. He denied it — end of story. Anything else is just obvious and desperate reaching on her part. Can you honestly tell us that if he wanted anything to do with her, she would be like: “No thanks, I’m young and carefree like my daughters”? No freaking way, she would be all over that mess like white on rice. TRUTH.

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