Kris Jenner & Bruce Have No Prenuptial Agreement

Kris Jenner & Bruce Have No Prenuptial Agreement

Here is a bit of a newsflash to anyone who has been following the split between Kris and Bruce Jenner. Kris has said that they have split up and have been apart for a year’s time, but that they had no plans for a divorce at this time. Now we know why: apparently they’ve been married so long that he never made her sign a prenuptial agreement.

Kris and Bruce had been married for roughly 22 years. She married him following her divorce from high powered lawyer to O.J. Simpson, Robert Kardashian. Kris had whatever she got from her divorce to Robert, but it was Bruce who was the major player in their marriage with regard to finances. He’s a former Olympian who had a ton of money. When they got married, they had two children together, Kylie and Kendall. He had children from his previous marriage to Linda Thompson. Now, his sons Brandon and Brody are happy that their father is finally free from what they have referred to as the “step-monster”.

To hear that these two have no prenup in place just sets the stage for an epic divorce battle. She’s a skilled business woman who has no doubt came into her own fortune after receiving percentages of her daughter’s deals. He grew his fortune, as well, so it could get quite ugly and fast!

Reportedly, together the Jenner’s have a whopping $125 million between themselves. Since separating, Bruce has been living in his Malibu home while Kris is living at her Calabasas estate. It was said that while they were still together, Kris was the one who was running the show.

The source told People magazine, “Kris runs the show, that’s for sure. Bruce basically had no say in anything. He was told what to do. You’d never go over and there were always a million people running around, and it was pretty obvious Bruce didn’t feel comfortable in his own house anymore. Half the time Kris would just shut him right down like she didn’t want to hear from him.”

We aren’t really that surprised to learn that Kris was the one wearing the pants in that relationship. Given that, however, we are sort of shocked that he could muster the ability to walk away from her already. Perhaps those rumors about her calling him names all of the time were true after all?

The source added, “Bruce just wanted some peace and simplicity in their lives. It’s not that he doesn’t appreciate what they have, but he didn’t feel the need to always have more, like Kris did.”

We have also heard that Kris ALWAYS had people in their home to work out deal after deal after deal with her. Their home had basically turned into a sea of people and they really didn’t have any quality time together as a couple. Reportedly, the duo will continue to work together on their show, Keeping Up With The Kardashians.

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