Kris Jenner Covers ‘Star’; Magazine Details How She Destroyed Her Family

Kris Jenner Covers 'Star'; Magazine Details How She Destroyed Her Family

Reality star and momager Kris Jenner appears on the cover of the newest issue of “Star” magazine. The tabloid talks about how Kris has destroyed her entire family.

The magazine reports that Kris has forced her daughter Kim Kardashian to do nude photo shoots in order to make the Kardashian name a household name. Kim has also done a sex tape with Ray J, which was rumored to have been edited by Kris herself.

According to the magazine, Kris has destroyed her family by also pushing her daughter Kylie Jenner to get plastic surgery. This makes perfect sense, considering that Kris told Khloe that she needed a nose job when she was a mere nine-years-old. Kylie has been seen lately sporting much fuller lips, prompting a lot of speculation that she has gone under the knife.

The tabloid also reports that Kris has turned her ex-husband Bruce Jenner into a woman. And lastly, the momager is said to refer to her daughter Khloe as “the fat one”. Ermagherd. We’re going to go ahead and call BS on all of these reports and just say that Kris is likely a really awful, terrible person, but she probably didn’t do half of what they’ve claimed she’s done.

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