Kris Jenner Exerts Diva Shopping Behavior At Nordstrom’s

Kris Jenner Exerts Diva Shopping Behavior At Nordstrom's

Kris Jenner is a huge diva! Who knew?!? Ha! (Spoiler alert: EVERYONE.)

Just recently, the momager and resident Kardashian famewhore paid a visit to Nordstrom’s where she had everyone cleared out of the place. Lovely, right?

She basically walked in like she owned the place and had her people boot out all of the shoppers that were already there. She wanted to peruse through the purses without the interruptions of the common folks.

A source said, “The Kardashian momager – accompanied by estranged hubby Bruce Jenner, granddaughter Penelope and three burly bodyguards – tapped her toes impatiently while store security guards ordered patrons to clear out, including one lady who actually had her wallet out to pay.”

The snitch went on to say, “Outraged patrons were swearing they’d NEVER be back! Kris then went upstairs to visit the Chanel clothing shop, and again, security guards ejected the common folk. Kris and entourage rifled through the racks, but didn’t buy one damn thing, finally exiting the store – empty-handed!”

Wouldn’t that just figure that she would have the store people kick everyone out just to prove that she could? Ugh, these people. When will it ever stop?

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